Frequently asked questions about ORGANIC.

What is ORGANIC?


  • No chemical sprays used during cultivation
  • No artificial fertilizers used during during cultivation
  • No genetic modifications


  • A recognized term protected by law
  • The labelled product is subject to the control mechanisms of the EC Organic Farming Directive
  • Those using the term without permission are criminally liable.

What does EC 834/2007 stand for?

  • For the approval number of the EC Directive for organic cultivation, storage, labelling, quality control, etc.
  • The EC Organic Farming Directive is an instrument for ensuring legal protection of the growing market for organic products
  • The EC Organic Farming Directive applies to all organic products originating in Europe or being delivered to Europe.

What is the organic control system?

  • The EC Organic Farming Directive regulates minimum standards for all organic agriculture
  • The control system encompasses the entire operation from production to processing
  • There are more than 20 recognised organic certification bodies
  • All European organic farms are subject to a yearly, obligatory control, as well as numerous sample checks at every stage of the production process

What does the organic label mean?

  • Since 2002 the organic label is the official symbol for organic products in Germany
  • For consumer it guarantees transparency and security when shopping
  • It guarantees that products will be produced, controlled and imported according to EU-Eco-Regulation
  • The organic label may be affixed on organic goods after registration
  • Decisive is the visible control Job Title on the package, eg. DE-Öko-001
    (DE = Germany - 001 = responsible control Authority)