With dedication and passion.

As an experienced specialist in the cultivation and trade of organically produced fruits and vegetables, we always give 100% - both when working with our suppliers, as well as when dealing with our distributors and partners. We expect the same in return from our organic producers.

At harvest, fruits and vegetables receive special attention. This doesn‘t just mean deciding the best time to harvest. We require harvest hands to have many years of experience, especially when manually harvesting delicate fruits, such as raspberries, strawberries, plums, and tomatoes. The subsequent transport of the organic produce from the field to the packing station is not only processed as quickly as possible, but is also handled with special care.

With regular inspections and assistance in organisational aspects, we create the best possible harvesting conditions. Strict residue analysis and product inspection take place constantly at all stages of production. That gives us – and you – the necessary assurance that we are always delivering the best quality that nature has to offer.

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