Processing and packaging.
Only nature packs better.

Freshly harvested foods like fruits and vegetables are a precious cargo. We dedicate all our care and attention to preserving their unique taste, outstanding freshness and essential vitamins for you. That is why lehmann natur applies strict quality criteria. After harvest, our goods are not treated with chemicals, and are cleaned only with water.

Inspired by nature, our packaging is made from the most environmentally friendly materials available - from Flow-Pack to Trays to Carry Fresh. Our services include the professional packaging of your ordered product, either in its area of origin or in our Organic Service Centre.

From netting citrus fruits to packing in consumer units, we can pack them how you want them. We take the utmost care in packing the organic products and label them either neutrally or with your brand logo. We treat your brand with as much care as if it were our own, which is why many wholesale customers entrust us with their organic trademarks. Each handling process is subject to constant monitoring - across the entire production chain. That‘s how we guarantee quality. Made by nature.

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