Above and beyond the norm.

So that our trading partners can ensure that they offer their customers high-quality organic products, lehmann natur has developed additional measures for quality control of fruit and vegetable suppliers. These go far beyond organic inspection bodies‘ certifications and ensure the quality of the goods from the fields right up to the counter.

In order to preserve the unadulterated flavour of naturally ripened fruits and vegetables, our food is produced exclusively using certified organic farming methods. Our producers, suppliers and partners use resources carefully in accordance with the latest EU regulation on organic agriculture.

We ask a lot of our suppliers: they must undergo thorough examinations covering everything from their economic and professional competence to monitoring of their production, including topics such as crop rotation, soil and fertilisation.

In addition, ongoing investigations are being carried out according to German product-specific and risk-oriented residue monitoring in accredited laboratories. By taking this measure, which we have partly imposed on ourselves, we are protecting soil, air and water, and therefore people and animals too.







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