• Naturally.
    Naturally. For a better future.

An idea takes hold.

Back in 1988, lehmann natur was already committed to the idea of allowing all consumers to enjoy sustainably grown organic fruits and vegetables. The organic concept has since spread to many sectors of the economy and is accepted by people from all walks of life. Various food scandals have increased the importance of organic labels. As partners of trade, we recognise and assume this huge responsibility.

Our vision has become reality. Today, as a 100% organic fruit and vegetable importer, we supply our trading partners every day with the best fresh agricultural produce from global, certified organic sustainable farming. From aubergines to zucchini and from apricots to watermelons.

In the future, we will continue to support our organic producers while also making it possible for our trade customers to form a direct relationship with them. Environmental conservation and the sustainable protection of nature for future generations are our top priorities.

Friedrich Lehmann



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