Who we are
Grower, trader and permaculture pioneer.

  • Wholesaler and importer of organic and premium organic

  • Consultant for premium organic

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  • Farmer with two Demeter farms

  • Demeter networker and know-how carrier

  • Pioneer in permaculture

  • Commercial cultivation with two permaculture farms

  • Researchers in permaculture & microorganisms

  • Supplier of open-pollinated organic seeds

  • Organic from the beginning

Our vision

We want to help develop a world that has a healthy future.

A peaceful and free world in which agriculture

is practiced sustainably and ecologically.

Our mission

Our approach is the biodynamic agriculture in which the principle of a circular economy plays an important role. The idea of this system is a natural cycle in which each organism needs one another. In which humans, animals and nature respect each other and act together in order to create a balanced circular system. Soil is a living organism in which everything is connected and every living being plays a vital role.

As proud farmers, we believe it is our duty to take responsibility for our environment. We want to maintain a healthy connection between mankind and nature. That is why we practice 100% organic farming and advocate to increase organic farming and sustainability worldwide.

What makes our biodynamic farming that special?

Besides the naturally good taste and high quality of the products, it is the contribution to protect climate and environment which makes our products that unique. Vital, healthy soil is one of the most important CO2 reservoirs on our planet. Organic farming has the potential to store CO2 in the soil. That is why we want to promote ecological cultivation as one of the most important methods for CO2 absorption and arise awareness within the whole chain of stakeholders such as farmers, food retailers, the organic food market as well as end consumers.

In order to reach the highest sustainability we even take a further step than organic farming: permaculture. A cultivation method which creates a self-regulating ecosystem. Permaculture faces the negative consequences of climate change more than any cultivation method. That is why we consider it a long-term opportunity to achieve food security for the rising world population. The four pillars of permaculture, circular economy, biodiversity, resource conservation and social responsibility create a resilient, self-regulating and regenerative system which produces the most natural food of the highest quality.